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Country Image Facebook Page

For a more personal insight into Country Image, why not visit the NEW Country Image Facebook Page?

Our website will remain THE showcase for Country Image and we will continue to develop it as our main internet platform. Facebook allows our customers to engage with us online, view & discuss our work and share the Country Image experience with their own friends.

We can feature products in far more detail and users can feed back their own experiences and opinions. Facebook is a more immediate & flexible platform so we can post special offers, news and events as they happen; you’ll hear about it on Facebook first.

If you’re already a Facebook user why not drop on by and join in? If you ’like’ our page you’ll be kept right up to date and can take advantage of all the benefits right now. But you don’t have to be a Facebook user to join in; simply click the Facebook logo at the top of this page or click on the link below:

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