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Colour Focus: Blue Kitchens

Country Image Dorset Kitchens
We take a look at brilliant blue kitchens and how this versatile colour can adapt to any style.


When the time comes to choose your new kitchen, deciding on the best colour might seem like a daunting task. Especially as you’ll want a colour that will withstand the whims of fashion but also adds interest to your design. Colour can often go in and out of fashion, however one colour that seems to be sticking around is the colour blue. This popular hue can retain classic kitchen style but is also very modern.

Country Image Dorset Kitchens
This deep blue cabinetry from Stoneham’s Knole collection uses simple uncluttered lines and smooth painted centre panels to create a traditional country-style kitchen.

Keeping cool

Blue is an enduringly popular colour in interior design. This could be due, in part, to the feelings that blue is thought to provoke. Studies have shown that different shades of blue can lead to increased creativity, improved concentration and lower heart-rates, and where is more important keep a calm atmosphere than in the hub of your home?

Bright and bold

Another benefit to using blue in your kitchen is its versatility. Different shades can create completely different looks.

While deeper shades create a more traditional, elegant kitchen, a bright blue can transform your space into an ultra-modern area with plenty of personality. With a bespoke kitchen design, the opportunities to make your kitchen completely individual are endless and the adaptability of blue means it’ll fit whichever style you choose.

Country Image Dorset Kitchens
This striking bespoke curved island uses Stoneham’s Fusion collection in high gloss Tiffany Blue, with a polished concrete worktop and stainless steel rail, to recreate a classic 1950s American diner counter.


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